On a regular basis i get questions like 'Deola (that's my first name by the way) why are you so small?' I actually have different reactions to this question. To some, i just give them my signature stare (trust me you dont want to get that stare), to some others, i just smile and to the remaining people, i just say 'my parents got married for love and not security' and they look at me and i can see confusion oozing from everywhere, in my mind i'm like 'God don catch you,next time you will not ask me jamb question'. Now let me explain that statement to you. See the thing is my both parents are on the petite side and because their love was so strong they got married not even putting their 'little' situation into consideration. Well i present to you the product of that wonderful decision #drumrolls please...MOI. I'm the first of five kids and as you might have guessed, they're all taller than me, well all of them except the last child who will probably catch up with me in five seconds. While i was growing up, i had a little bit of inferiority complex because almost all my friends were taller than me. Now the real issue wasnt even about getting friends because it's always like a blessing, well eventually. When i get to a particular place for the first time, people look at me like 'abi this one don miss road?' but slowly they come to me and talk to me, they become my friends. Right now i have so many friends, a friend of mine calls me 'popular jingo' because each time i'm walking i always see people i know and well i have to greet them.
I'm not about to bore you with my 'compact' stories (meanwhile i have some of my embarrassing moments i want to share with you this space) i'm actually new at this stuff but i will try my best not to make you sleep. I want to acknowledge one of my good friends, seyi who said to me 'i love portable, portable is the new hot'. He probably had no idea i much i held on to that statement but then, here we are.
            Embrace yourself, Love yourself and dont forget Portable is the new hot! Cheers!


  1. U're actually good at ds I must confess, u just started nd u managed to compose ds, I bliv am seeing d nxt linda ikeji of our time. Keep it up

  2. Thank you so much for the compliments!


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